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Compass Invest JSC

Compass Invest JSC is a leading asset management company, established in 2006 in Sofia. It is licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). Compass Invest JSC is owned by Compass Capital JSC. As part of the group, Compass Invest JSC provides asset management services and management of mutual funds. 


Mutual Funds

Compass Invest offers seven UCITS mutual funds with different investment strategies and risk tolerance to meet the increasing demand for innovative thematic and core style funds from both institutional and individual investors.
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Asset Management

What do we offer?

Professional, tailor-made discretionary portfolio management to help our clients pursue their wealth management goals.

Who is the service suitable for?

Institutional investors, businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

How do we do it?

Apart from identifying suitable investment opportunities in line with our client's risk tolerance levels, investment preferences, expected return etc., and setting up clear investment objectives, we are in a position to develop comprehensive wealth and investment management strategies through careful evaluation of our clients’ goals and priorities.
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Investment Advisory

Compass Capital JSC offers a wide range of consultancy services for small, medium and large enterprises, including advisory services in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), debt and equity financings.

Our advisory team of experts will develop tailor-made solutions taking into account your specific business goals and future plans for development.
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A convenient and easy way to invest.
A suitable alternative for your savings.
You decide how much risk you can tolerate in order to achieve a higher expected return.
You determine the amount of the initial investment.
Low transaction costs and high liquidity of your investments.
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A professional team of investment experts with many years of experience takes care of your investments.
Efficient and optimally diversified solutions, which fully suit your individual preferences for risk, return, time horizon and liquidity of your investments.
We have established a strong global network for cooperation with leading investment banks, brokers and legal experts. 

Safety and transparency

The assets we manage are held with distinguished international custodian banks.
In-house risk management monitoring system based on long term experience and world-class practices.
All investment management decisions are aligned with the client in advance.
Regular and detailed reports on the status of your investments.
Our experts are always available to respond to your inquiries.

Quality service

Our main focus is on delivering the best in class boutique wealth management services to all our clients.
Our investment strategy is comprehensive and thorough, orientated around a commitment to achieving results.
Mar 10, 2023

Economic data published in February - better than expected

A change in rhetoric from leading central banks on the movement of key interest rates was reflected in negative movements in financial markets in February. The aggregate bond index reported a decline of -3.3% for the month, while developed country equity markets fell -2.4%.

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Feb. 06, 2023

Weekly market overview: World indices retreat after surprisingly strong US labour market data

World indices retreat after surprisingly strong US labour market data

The past week was filled with emotions past Wednesday's Fed statement and then past Friday's labor market data.

The Federal Open Market Committee raised interest rates (expectedly for investors) by 25 basis points (0.25%), bringing the target funds rate to 4.5%-4.75%. This is a noticeable slowdown from recent increases of 50 and 75 basis points. More important to market participants was the softening in Powell's tone, and it was this that led to a rise in the stock prices and indices in general.

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Jan. 16, 2023

Weekly market overview: Inflation data in the US coincided with consensus expectations

Last week was marked by inflation data in the US. They coincided with consensus expectations. This immediately eased the pressure and gave way to optimism that 2023 could loosen its grip. The S&P 500 rose, 10-year bond yields fell and the US dollar retreated against a basket of currencies. This is the complete opposite of 2022. Nonetheless, price pressures remain high, but if a similar market condition persists we could see a noticeable easing in the pace of Fed tightening.

Last week's data supports the idea of a pause by the Fed. Expectations are for one 0.25 basis point increase in February and another in March. This would reach the 5% target, where a pause in tightening is very likely.

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