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Compass Invest JSC

Compass Invest JSC is a leading asset management company, established in 2006 in Sofia and is licensed by FSC (Financial Supervision Commission).


Mutual Funds

Compass Invest JSC provides you with an effective management and investment of your money.
We offer optimal solutions for each of our clients regardless of the amount invested.
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Asset Management

What do we offer?

Professional management of individual portfolios of financial instruments aiming to provide higher income on our client’s free funds.

Who is the service suitable for?

For institutional investors, corporate clients and individuals with significant savings.

How do we do it?

Thanks to the personal approach to each client, careful analysis of his/her risk tolerance and investment preferences and priorities, we identify appropriate investment opportunities, set clear investment goals, and develop a comprehensive asset management and well-being strategy for each of our clients.
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Investmenty Advisory

Compass Invest JSC is offering a wide range of services for small, medium and large enterprises, including advisory services regarding mergers and acquisitions deals (M&A), debt and equity financing.
Our team of experts and professionals will develop personalised solutions after taking into account your business goals and desire for further development.
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A convenient and easy way to invest. Just contact us!
A suitable alternative for your savings.
You decide how much risk you can take in order to achieve higher returns.
You determine the amount of the initial investment.
Low transaction costs and high liquidity for your investment.


A professional team of investment experts with many years of experience takes care of your investments.
Optimally diversified solutions according to your individual preferences for risk, profitability, time horizon and liquidity of funds.
We are part of a strong network with leading investment banks, brokers and legal practitioners.

Security and transparency

Regular detailed reports on the status of your investments.
All decisions related to managing your investments are agreed with you in advance.

Quality service

Each of our clients has their unique risk preferences and views on liquidity and profitability. Our goal is to build portfolios that fully meet their requirements.
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Compass Invest JSC

19 George Washington Str, floor 2, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
тел.: +359 2 42 19 518, +359 2 42 19 517
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