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Wealth Management

Compass Invest is a leading asset management company licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (License №22-UD/30 Nov 2006). Apart from managing its seven collective investment schemes, the management company, in accordance with collective investment schemes regulations, provides the following additional services: discretionary portfolio management, investment advice and administration of units of collective investment undertakings. Compass invest is a member of the: Investor Compensation Fund

Asset management refers to the management of investments on behalf of others. It is the act of creating and maintaining an investment portfolio. The ultimate goal is to maximize the investments' expected return given an appropriate level of risk exposure.

Why Compass Invest Asset Management?

We provide professional, tailor-made discretionary portfolio management to help our clients pursue their wealth management goals.
The service is suitable for institutional investors, businesses and high-net-worth individuals.
Thanks to the personal approach to each client, the careful analysis of his risk tolerance, his investment preferences and priorities, we identify appropriate investment opportunities, set clear investment objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy for asset management and well-being of each of our customers.

Individual investors

What do we offer?


  • A convenient and easy way to invest.
  • A suitable alternative for your savings.
  • You decide how much risk you can tolerate in order to achieve a higher expected return.
  • You determine the amount of the initial investment.
  • Low transaction costs and high liquidity of your investments. Just contact us!


  • A professional team of investment experts with many years of experience takes care of your investments.
  • Efficient and optimally diversified solutions, which fully suit your individual preferences for risk, return, time horizon and liquidity of your investments.
  • We have established a strong global network for cooperation with leading investment banks, brokers and legal experts. 


  • The assets we manage are held with distinguished international custodian banks.
  • In-house risk management monitoring system based on long term experience and world-class practices.
  • All investment management decisions are aligned with the client in advance.
  • Regular detailed reports on the status of your investments.
  • Our experts are always available to respond to your inquiries.​​​​​​​

Why should you invest?

We bring our plans to reality faster by investing
  • Wealth increase;
  • Support your children through education;
  • Save for your retirement!
What are the most common obstacles to reaching our financial goal?
  • Late start of investing;
  • Relying on a single source of income(salary);
  • Inflation is detrimental to your savings. For the last 10 years the accumulated inflation is more than 30%*;
  • Deposit rates have fallen more than 30 times for the last 10 years.
  • Lack of personal assets diversification;

How to start investing?



... together with the experienced investment advisors at Compass Invest JSC.


... fully tailor-made according to your investment goals, profitability expectations, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity requirements ...


… all decisions related to the management of the portfolio are agreed with you in advance.


Strategic and tactical review of market dynamics and possible effects on your portfolio.
  • Compass Invest JSC builds your investment portfolio of financial instruments according to your personal investor profile;
  • Global coverage of the financial markets through our longstanding relationships with leading investment banks and brokers around the world;
  • Active monitoring, which includes daily discussions to analyze recent market developments, daily market surveillance designed to assess different factors impacting the portfolios and strategic weekly market overview
  • Own risk management strategy based on years of experience and leading world practices;
  • Regular stress tests, sensitivity analysis;
  • Detailed monthly reports;

How and where are your investments kept?

Your money and securities are held in the independent depository bank UBB (Part of KBC Group) or other international institution approved by you.

Option 1

The Custodian does not have information about your assets.

Your money and securities are stored in a special client account in the name of Compass Invest JSC.

Option 2

The Custodian has information only about your securities, not about the amount of free cash.

Your securities are stored in a separate account in your name, and the funds are in a special client account of Compass Invest JSC.

Option 3

All assets are in your name in the depositary bank.

Your money and securities are deposited under your name with the Custodian Bank.

Major investor profiles

Investment experience: moderate
Investment horizon: 2-3 years
Investment objective: stable profitability over time
Expected Yield: higher than the yield on deposits and bonds
Low risk and loss tolerance 
Investment experience: limited
Investment horizon: 1-3 years
Investment objective: to keep the amount invested
Expected yield: higher than bank deposits
Low risk and loss tolerance
Investment experience: good
Investment horizon: 3-5 years
Investment objective: Moderate mid-term yield
Expected return: comparable to the capital market
Accepts short-term fluctuations of the amount invested
Investment experience: very good
Investment horizon: 5-6 years
Investment objective: high long-term return
Expected Return: exceeding the stock market
Tendency to take high risks
Investment experience: excellent
Investment horizon: 5-7 years
Investment objective: A significant increase in the amount invested
Expected Yield: Maximum High
Conscious risk of large fluctuations of the amount invested

Corporate and institutional clients

Corporate clients

  • For companies with surplus liquidity, which is not needed at the moment, we provide flexible cash flow management for maximum profit for the company.
  • The investment strategy is developed in a dialogue with the client, the purpose of which is to find the best suitable solution for the individual needs of the company at each particular stage and its risk tolerance.
  • Our team selects the proper combination of different financial instruments (stocks and bonds of Bulgarian and foreign issuers, Bulgarian and foreign government securities, deposits in different currencies, derivative instruments.

We actively manage the investment portfolio and monitor the market development and changes in the client's individual investment strategy.

Institutional clients

  • Flexible management of the ever-growing assets of insurance and health insurance companies.
  • A comprehensive overview of the company’s existing portfolio

In asset management, we carry out expert selection of financial instruments with the aim of higher profitability, lower investment costs and full compliance with the goals, priorities and investment restrictions of each particular client.