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Compass Global Trends

The fund
Mutual Fund Compass Global Trends invests in companies which are currently in a growth phase. The target companies are expected to grow sales and revenues at a faster rate than the market average. The aim of the fund is to identify and invest in businesses with more than 20% revenue growth and maximum earnings growth potential on an annual basis operating in sectors which are also in a growth phase. The fund strives to provide objective and measurable framework which links the powerful global trends and structural changes in the global economy, society and environment with specific investment ideas on the stock market which are expected to benefit the most from these trends.
Monthly report

Monthly Report for April 2023 (BG)

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Why Compass Global Trends?

Additional and non-taxable income The purpose of the fund is to invest in companies with a sustainable growth of over 20% in their share prices. The profits from mutual funds in Bulgaria are tax-free.
Professional Management Your capital will be managed from a professional team with years of market experience who follows on a daily basis not only the movements in the capital markets but also looks for investment opportunities.
Easy and fast, in real assets We invest in stocks of companies in a phase of strong growth. All assets of the fund are actually owned and held by an international depositary bank.
There is no minimum investment There is no need to have a large sum of money in order to invest with us. We do not have a minimum investment threshold.
You can withdraw or add money at any time The time horizon for the best return is usually between 1 and 5 years. However, you can withdraw your money at any point of time.
With minimum purchase fees of 1,5%
Compass Invest Savings Plan in units of Compass Global Trends Mutual Fund offers you a way to ensure that your savings are easily and conveniently obtained.
  • Average annual target yield of 10%;
  • Profit is not taxed;
  • Selection of deposit period: weekly, monthly, quarterly;
  • Minimum contribution of BGN 40;
  • Competitive alternative to bank deposit;
  • You have access to your money at any time;
Despite benefits, the investment in shares of mutual funds brings certain risks like:
  • Market risk with the following components:
    Interest risk related to a decrease of the value of the investment due to a change of the interest rates levels;
    Currency risk related to a decrease of the value of the investment, denominated in a currency which is different from BGN and EUR;
    Price risk related to a decrease of the value of the investment in the case of unfavorable changes of the market’s prices;
  • Operational risk :
    From errors or flaws in the system of the organization;
  • Liquidity risk :
    In case of forced sales of assets under unfavorable market conditions;
  • Credit risk :
    Related to a decrease of the value of the position in the case of unexpected events with a credit nature which are related to the issuers of financial instruments, the counter side of exchange and OTC transactions, as well as countries, in which they operate;
  • Concentration risk:
    In case of incorrect diversification of exposures to groups of related clients, from the same economic branch, geographic area, etc.
  • Position risk:
    Which is related to the change of price of a certain instrument in result of factors related to the issuer or in case of a derivative instrument – related to the issuer of the base instrument;
Additional information for the risks can be found in the Prospectus of the respective fund, which is available here:

Information on the fund's return for past periods

This chart shows the fund's performance as a percentage of annual loss or gain over the last 10 years.


  • Results are presented after deducting current fees. Initial charges and withdrawal charges are not included in the calculation.
  • The fund was launched in April 2017.
  • The yield of the Fund for previous years was calculated in BGN.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Future market dynamics may be very different from those observed.
These results can help you estimate how the fund has been managed in the past.


NAV per unit
on 20.09.2023
Purchase price * 1.4107BGN
Redemption price 1.3899BGN
Net Asset Value 2522905.67BGN
Quantity of the
units outstanding
Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit - BGN


* The following discounts will be applied for clients investing amounts in larger amounts: for invested amounts from BGN 100,001 to BGN 250,000 - 1%; for amounts over BGN 250,000 - 0.5%. The discounts are valid for each individual order without accumulation.

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Cummulative return (since inception) as of 31.03.2023 Annual return since inception as of 31.03.2023 Return YTD as of 31.03.2023
Return 10.44% -6.43% 6.69% -4.48% 16.30% 18.92%   8.91% -32.15% 26.96% 2.69% 16.40%
Standard Deviation 11.85% 12.46% 6.67% 17.17% 11.18% 22.37% 17.41% 21.72% N/A N/A N/A

Investment structure

Price History

Useful information (FAQ)

How can I purchase units of mutual fund of Compass Invest JSC?

Units can be purchased every business day from 9.00 to 17.00 by signing a contact with the asset management company (AMC) and placing an order for purchase for the mutual fund wanted.

Where can I place an order?

An order can be placed in the office with address: Sofia, 36 Alabin Str., fl. 4

Do I have the right to cancel an order? And how?

The client has the right to cancel an order. A placed order for purchase or redemption of units of Mutual Fund Progress, Mutual Fund Strategy, Mutual Fund Eurostability, Mutual Fund Plus and Mutual Fund Compass Funds Select-21 can be cancelled by the investor prior to the cutoff time at 17.00 on the day closest (Tuesday or Thursday) to the day on which the Net asset value (NAV) is calculated (Wednesday or Friday).
A placed order for purchase or redemption of units of Mutual Fund Compass Global Trends and Mutual Fund Compass Euroselect can be cancelled by the investor prior to the cutoff time at 17.00hrs on the same day.

What are the ways for payment of purchased units?

At the time of placing the purchase order, the investor shall make a payment in the amount of wishing to acquire shares. The payment shall be as follows:
  • Via bank transfer:
Compass Global Trends
acct. IBAN BG98UBBS80021049850640, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in Bulgarian lev;
acct. IBAN BG11UBBS80021449718410, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in EUR;

Compass Euroselect
acct. IBAN BG19UBBS80021070626940, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in Bulgarian lev;
acct. IBAN BG08UBBS80021451679610, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in EUR;

Compass Strategy
acct. IBAN BG04UBBS80021016659320, BIC UBBSBGSF;

Compass Progress
acct. IBAN BG15UBBS80021016662420, BIC UBBSBGSF;

Compass  Eurostability 
acct. IBAN BG96UBBS80021046635320, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in Bulgarian lev 
аcct. IBAN BG60UBBS80021419783910, BIC UBBSBGSF for transfers in EUR;

Compass Plus
acct. IBAN BG59UBBS80021056431240, BIC UBBSBGSF;

Compass Funds Select-21
acct. IBAN BG30UBBS80021070630040, BIC UBBSBGSF;

Details of payment: Purchase of units

What is the deadline for executing the order?

For purchase orders – within 7 business days of the order submission;
For redemption orders – within 10 business days of the order submission;

How can I request a redemption of units?

Redemption of units can be requested by placing an order every working day between 9:00 and 17:00 at the office of Compass Invest JSC.

What are the possible options of payment of redemption proceeds?

Redemption proceeds will be paid out/credited as follows:
  • Via bank transfer;

Will I receive a confirmation of transaction execution?

The AMC shall as soon as practicable, but not later than the first business day, following the execution of the order, provide the investor with a Confirmation of transaction execution (stating the confirmed price and the number of units that have been purchased by the investor) as per the requirements indicated by the investor: as a hard copy in the office of the management company or by mail, by fax or in electronic form by e-mail.

Are there any transaction charge/fees?

The following fees are paid by investors and are calculated in the price of units of the respective fund as follows:
When purchasing units of the Funds expenses are not charged, except for:
Mutual Fund Compass Global Trends, Compas Euroselect, Mutual Fund Compass Funds Select-21 and Mutual Fund Plus where the fees are 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.0% and 0,2%.
At redemption, costs are charged as follows:
  • Progress – 1.5% of the NAV per unit;
  • Strategy – 1.0% of the NAV per unit;
  • Eurostability – 0.5% of the NAV per unit;
  • Plus – 0.2% of the NAV per unit;
  • Compass Global Trends - no cost;
  • Compass Euroselect - no cost;

Are there any additional fees?

There are expenses payable by mutual funds. These costs are deducted from the assets of mutual funds and are indirectly borne by all unitholders. They are expenses that should you consider when investing in a mutual fund. The costs include the remuneration of the management company and operating costs. The management fee is calculated as a percentage of the average annual net asset value of the fund as follows:
  • Eurostability - 1.2%;
  • Strategy - 2.4%;
  • Progress - 2.0%,
  • Plus - 1.2%;
  • Compass Funds Select-21 - 0.5%;
  • Compass Euroselect - 1.5%;
  • Compass Global Trends - 1.5%;
Operating expenses include charges of Central Depository JSC, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the Financial Supervision Commission, remuneration for the depositary bank and others.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Investors do not owe taxes on the income realized from transactions with units of mutual funds concluded on a regulated Bulgarian securities market, including the redemption on counter at the management company.

Unitholders can earn income from their investments in the fund in the form of capital gain (a positive difference between the selling price of the units and the price at which they were purchased).

Which is the Mutual Fund Depositary Bank?

Your money and securities are stored in the independent depositary bank – United Bulgarian Bank (Part of KBC Group). The Bank has its registered office: 89B Vitosha Blvd., Sofia and has license from the Bulgarian National Bank: 340 as of November 19, 1992
All Funds of Compass Invest JSC: Compass Global Trends, Compass Euroselect, Compass Funds Select-21, Progress, Strategy, Eurostability, Plus use a depositary bank United Bulgarian Bank (Part of KBC Group).

Which are the investment intermediaries (brokers)?

Investment Intermediaries (brokers)

The following investment intermediaries (brokers) are authorized by the management company to execute transactions for the portfolios of funds: Citibank International PLC., Cowen International, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD, Unicredit Bulbank JSC, Benchmark Finance JSC, D. I.S.L. Securities JSC, Somoni Financial Brokerage OOD, Aval In AD.

What is the frequency of calculating issue and redemption price of units?

For Compass Global Trends and Compass Euroselect:
Issue price and redemption price are calculated daily by the management company.

For Progress, Strategy, Eurostability, Plus and Compass Funds Select-21:
Issue price and redemption price are calculated by the management company twice a week – on Wednesdays and Fridays based on assets of the funds for the previous Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What are the required documents for signing a contract and placing an order?

For Individual clients:
  • official identity document of the investor/proxy/legal representative, a copy of it is certified, signed both by the applicant and the employee of the management company who verified the identity;
  • original of a notarized power of attorney or a notarized copy of the original, which contains representative power to carry out management or administrative actions with financial instruments (in case of a proxy);
  • an official document certifying the right of legal representation (birth certificate, guardian or guardian deed), of which a copy is certified, certified by the legal representative and the employee of the management company, verifying the identity (in case of a legal representative);

For corporate entities
  • official identity document of the legal representative/proxy, from which a copy is certified, certified by the applicant party on behalf of the legal entity and the employee of the management company who verified the identity;
  • original POA or notarized copy of an official extract from the relevant register for current status, if the person is not registered in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency;
  • a copy of the identification card of the BULSTAT register for those who are entered in the BULSTAT register and are not entered in the commercial register – non-commercial legal entities, commercial representations of foreign persons, non-personified companies under the APA, foreign legal entities, branches and other persons under art. 3 of the BULSTAT Register Act;
  • a copy of the relevant license, permit or certificate of registration from the people carrying out transactions and operations in connection with a particular activity subject to licensing, authorization or registration.
  • for non-residents – comparable documents certifying their registration, election of legal representative and address;
  • original of a notarized power of attorney or a notarized copy thereof, which contains a representative authority for carrying out management or administrative actions with financial instruments, in case the legal representative is not present;


This information is а marketing material and does not present investment consultation, advice, investment research, or investment recommendation. The information is valid as of the issue date of the marketing material and may alter in the future. The value of the units in the collective investment schemes changes over time and it could be higher or lower from the value at the time of the investment. No profits are guaranteed and risk exists for the investors to not receive the full amount of their investments. Investments are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund which is created by the country or another form of guarantee. Information on the performance of the financial instruments in the past is not a reliable indicator for future performance. Therefore, it is recommended for investors to acquaint themselves with the Prospectus and the Key information document before making a final investment decision. You can find these documents in Bulgarian on the website of Compass Invest, and you can request and get a free paper copy at the office of the management company at: Sofia, 36 Alabin Str, floor 4, during every business day from 9 am to 5 pm. Future results are subject to taxation, which depends on the personal situation of each investor and may change in the future. A summary of the rights of the investors is available at the following hyperlink in Bulgarian: here. The mutual funds, which are managed by Compass Invest, are actively managed without following an index. We would like to inform you that Management Company Compass Invest can make a decision to terminate the offering of funds on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The investment in units of mutual funds, in addition to benefits, carries certain risks like: liquid, operational, interest, currency, and political risk, as well as macroeconomical risk, currency risk, concentration risk, etc. The full information about risks can be found in the Prospectus of the respective fund.