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Compass Euroselect Savings Plan

The savings plan of Compass Invest JSC in units of Mutual Fund Compass Euroselect offers you an easy and convenient way to ensure good return on your savings.

Mutual Fund Compass Euroselect is a high-yield fund that invests in strong performing European companies.

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Why choose Compass Euroselect Savings plan?

Средна доходност 10%
Average annual target yield of 10% The savings plan will aim to offer you an average annual yield of 10%. The forecast is based on the historical performance of the Fund so far.
Необлагаем доход
Tax Free Income The profit from investments in shares of the contractual funds is not taxed.
Разположение на средствата
Deployment of funds (Liquidity) You can always withdraw part or all of your investment at no extra cost.
Сами определяте вноските
You determine the contributions yourself We leave it up to you to determine the amount of the monthly installment. Тhe minimum is BGN 40.
Бързо, лесно и удобно
Fast, easy and convenient All you have to do is visit our office.
Професионален екип
Professional team Your investments are in the hands of a professional team with years of experience and over BGN 80 million under management.

Примерен план

Yield by Years
With monthly installments of BGN 100.00 and an average annual yield of 10% over 10 years you will accumulate a total of BGN 20 484.50.
1 1,200.00 BGN 56.56 BGN 1,256.56 BGN
2 2,400.00 BGN 188.13 BGN 2,644.69 лв
3 3,600.00 BGN 333.49 BGN 4,178.18 BGN
4 4,800.00 BGN 494.07 BGN 5,872.25 BGN
5 6,000.00 BGN 671.46 BGN 7,743.71 BGN
6 7,200.00 BGN 867.42 BGN 9,811.13 BGN
7 8,400.00 BGN 1,083.91 BGN 12,095.04 BGN
8 9,600.00 BGN 1,323.07 BGN 14,618.11 BGN
9 10,800.00 BGN 1,587.26 BGN 17,405.37 BGN
10 12,000.00 BGN 1,879.13 BGN 20,484.50 BGN
Бъдеще за децата
Future for the children
Сигурни инвестиции
Safe investments
Растящи спестявания
Growing savings
Спокойни старини
Smooth retirement

What do we invest in?

Where do we invest?

What does the Savings plan offer?

The savings plan offered by Compass Invest Management Company in shares of MF Compass Euroselect gives you a great opportunity to achieve a good return on your free funds in the long run by choosing the amount you pay. By investing predetermined amounts into a Savings Plan, you can easily and conveniently save and increase your money. With the amount of money you invest, our professional team buys stocks, bonds and other financial instruments from strong performing European companies.

What are the benefits?

Unlike bank deposits, the Savings Plan offers you higher yields, non-taxable profits and free access to funds at all times. We appreciate your time - an initial visit to our office is enough.

How does it work?

You create your own savings plan - easy and convenient. You determine the amount and the period of your plan according to your preferences in order to be able to maintain the strategy for a minimum of one year. Then you just follow your Savings Plan by making regular contributions to it. The rest will be taken care of by us.