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Mutual Fund “Compass Global Trends” with a yield of 18.92% for 2020. Another year with a double-digit yield for the fund's investors.

Jan. 14, 2021

Management Company “Compass Invest” JSC registered an increase of 16.6% of the assets under management in mutual funds at the end of 2020, reaching 95.5 million BGN in assets, distributed in 7 funds. The total assets under management of the company in collective investment schemes and asset management amount to 123.4 million BGN at the end of 2020. The high-risk fund “Compass Global Trends” is a leader in return throughout 2020 with a yield of 18.92% for the 12 months.

"Compass Invest is a boutique management company that offers a variety of investment solutions suitable for Bulgarian investors, depending on their risk profile and risk tolerance. The high profitability of MF “Compass Global Trends” is due to the excellent selection of companies in which we invest after in-depth research and analysis of the global markets and industries", said Ivaylo Angarski, CEO of the company.

"We are one of the leading independent management companies in Bulgaria. Our priority is to offer the best boutique financial and investment services. We offer investment products suitable for young people, students and even retirees - these are the savings plans tied to a mutual fund. We also offer investment management for high-income people and companies. Working in a competitive market, our main goal is to generate excellent risk-weighted returns for our customers and at the same time to readjust the company to be able to face the new challenges in the digital age, "added Dragomir Velikov, Chief Investment Officer.

“Compass Invest” JSC is a leading company in the management of financial assets since 2007, which has a full license from the FSC to operate as a management company. The mutual funds and the services related to investment advisory offered by “Compass Invest” JSC are suitable for institutional investors, as well as for corporate and individual clients. Currently, “Compass Invest” JSC manages over 120 million BGN, invested in 7 mutual funds with different investment strategies and risk tolerance, as well as in diversified individual client portfolios of securities on the international capital markets. In 2020, “Compass Invest” JSC was awarded "Best Management Company in Bulgaria for 2020" - according to the prestigious international financial edition Acquisition International, and MF “Compass Global Trends” took the award for "Best Mutual Fund with Focus on Technology" since its establishment.