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Monthly Bulletin of Mutual Fund "Compass Global Trends" and Mutual Fund "Compass Euroselect" and market analysis as of December 31st 2020.

Jan. 11, 2021

Following the announcement of the finished vaccines against COVID-19 in November, the upward movement in the stock markets continued in December. The catalysts for optimism over the past month have been a series of news: the start of vaccination in the United States, Europe and Britain, the vote on additional fiscal stimulus for the economy, and the European Central Bank, which has also increased the monetary stimulus. The emergence of a new strain of the virus, the increase in the number of infected and the imposition of additional restrictions did not trouble the investors, amid the measures taken by central banks and governments.

Stock markets ended the year with optimism for dealing with the pandemic, which was reflected in the growth of US indexes for the year by 16.3% of the broad S&P 500 and by 43.6% of NASDAQ. Among European indexes, only the German DAX ended the year with a positive result of 3.5% against the background of declines in the indexes of other major European economies. China's CSI 300 index finished the year with a 27.2% growth compared to last year.

The available macroeconomic data for November still have not shown the impact of the recent restrictive measures in the United States. Industrial production reported a slight increase of 0.4% in November, with a decrease in retail sales of 1.1% for the month and 5.5% compared to a year earlier.

In Europe, industrial production also seems stable given recent data and business surveys in Germany and France. Inflation remained unchanged for the third consecutive month as of November at -0.3% for the month and 0.2% compared to a year earlier.

Despite the positive news, the uncertainty in which the financial markets operated throughout most of the year will continue to be significant in the coming months. Key issues for the vaccine will also be decisive for economic processes - the approval of vaccines by institutions, the time of production and distribution, as well as the tendency of people to be vaccinated. By diversifying the investments in the portfolios towards sectors, regions and individual companies, the management of the funds of MC “Compass Invest” aims to maintain a selection of quality businesses, resistant to economic shocks.


MF “Compass Global Trends” ended the month with a price per unit of 1.4760 BGN, which is an increase of 3.15% for the month and an increase of 18.92% compared to the beginning of the year.

Price for one unit of the fund for the period from April 1st 2014 until December 31st 2020.


MF “Compass Euroselect” ended the month with a share price of 1.0006 EUR, which is an increase of 0.28% for the month and 3.06% compared to the beginning of the year.

Price for one unit of the fund for the period from July 16th 2018 until December 31st 2020


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