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Monthly Bulletin of Mutual Fund "Compass Global Trends" and Mutual Fund "Compass Euroselect" and market analysis as of April 30th 2021

Mai 12, 2021

Another strong month for the stock markets in April. The gradual opening of the economies and the justification of the forecasts for economic growth were reflected in the upward movement of the leading indexes on stocks. The biggest growth for the month was reported by the NASDAQ technological index (5.4% for the month) together with the broad S&P 500 index (5.2% for April) compared to a weaker growth in Europe: 0.85% growth of the German DAX index and 3.3% of the French CAC 40. The shift to value stocks from growth stocks was discontinued in April. Growth stocks rose by 6.3% during the month, while value shares rose by 3.2% over the same period.

In the United States, we saw an improvement in economic data published in April. In the first quarter, the GDP of the US grew by 6.4% on an annual basis with expectations for accelerating growth during the year amid declining unemployment. At the same time, President Biden, in addition to the latest stimulus package of 1.9 trillion dollars plans 2.3 trillion dollars infrastructure package and 1.8 trillion dollars to support American families.

In Europe, the pace of vaccination is accelerating and, although still weak, there are signs of improvement of the economic data in April. For the first quarter, the GDP of the Eurozone declined by 0.6% with expectations of accelerating growth and peaking in the third quarter.

In the emerging markets, the Chinese economy continues to normalize, with domestic consumption expected to be the most significant driver of growth. A tragic April for India, where in the short term plan challenges lie ahead, but the region remains in first place in terms of projected growth for the next decade. The reporting season for the first quarter of the year started last month with impressive results and promising forecasts for the coming quarters. Amid the improving economic environment, numerous incentives and rising inflation for investors, the guidelines of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) for monetary policy are becoming increasingly important. For now, the Fed assures that there are no grounds for reducing asset purchases. In the dynamic environment of the financial markets, the management of MC “Compass Invest” continues to follow its strategy for selecting companies with long-term growth potential.


MF “Compass Global Trends” ended the month with a price per unit of 1.5334 BGN, which is an increase of 6.37% for the month and 3.89% compared to the beginning of the year.

Price for one unit of the fund for the period from April 1st 2014 until April 30th 2021.



MF “Compass Euroselect” ended the month with a share price of 1.0207 EUR, which is an increase of 3.37% for the month and 2.01% compared to the beginning of the year.

Price for one unit of the fund for the period from July 16th 2018 until April 30th 2021.

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