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Announcement: Change in the costs of MF “Compass Global Trends”

Mai 13, 2021

With a decision of the Board of Directors from 16.03.2021 and 26.04.2021 and subsequent approval by the Financial Supervision Commission, the structure of the costs for subscription (purchase) of units of MF “Compass Global Trends” was changed as follows:

MC “Compass Invest” JSC may charge its clients a subscription fee of up to 5% of the invested amount to reflect the costs of promoting the activities of the Management Company through its partners. When an investor declares that he has become a client of the Management Company as a result of this activity, the subscription fee is added to the net asset value of one unit of the fund, thus calculating the issue value of the units. The amount of the fee varies depending on the amount invested, as follows:

Investors who buy shares on their own initiative are not charged a subscription fee for shares from MF “Compass Global Trends”.