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Compass Invest provides an opportunity for remote purchase of mutual funds and portfolio investments through the Invest from Home service

Apr. 09, 2020

The management company Compass Invest JSC introduced the opportunity for remote purchasing of mutual funds or structuring of investment portfolios for individuals through absentee identification. This will allow all investors who want to take advantage of the current market prices of financial instruments in the current market situation to make their investment without having to visit the company's office.

“With the introduction of the "Invest from home" service, the experts from Compass Invest provided a convenient way to invest through the so-called absentee identification in order to facilitate our clients, especially those outside the capital city, by giving them the opportunity to buy a unit in a mutual fund, investment portfolio or to establish a savings plan without having to visit our office” said Dragomir Velikov, CAIA. Chief Investment Officer and head of Business Development. “The market correction in the current crisis can be an excellent opportunity for profitability for the next 10 years and we want to provide investors with a way to easily and conveniently make their investments with a longer term horizon” he added.

The possibility for remote subscription of units is in line with the measures against COVID-19, and the identification is carried out in a few easy steps: the management company and the client agree on the electronic signature according to the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act; the client provides a bank account certificate and sends a localization from his mobile phone. All necessary documents for the purchases of units or investment portfolio are signed by the investor electronically by agreed with the management company electronic signature and are exchanged electronically.

Details on how to make your investment through the "Invest from home" service of Compass Invest can be found on the website in the section with the same name.