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Management Company “Compass Invest” JSC responsibly applies the measures against the spread of COVID-19 in order to protects its customers, partners and employees

Nov. 30, 2020

MC “Compass Invest” JSC organizes the work process by responsibly applying the measures against the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect its customers, partners and employees and in unison with the Order of the Minister of Health for the new, enhanced anti-pandemic measures until 21.12.2020.

All our clients who have access to internet can write to the company's e-mail and, as well as to ask their questions by calling our phones or to make an appointment for an online consultation on questions about their investments. Clients who do not have access to internet and want to visit our office, should contact us in advance by phone 02 439 01 33 or 02 421 95 18 to arrange an appointment to visit our office in compliance with strict rules for disinfection, hygiene and distance.

As a financial company, “Compass Invest” JSC needs to ensure its work is a continuous process, for the purpose of which, an organization for remote work and the presence of up to 50% of the staff in the office of the company is followed. Disposable protective masks, disinfectants and gloves are provided for all employees and customers in the office; the common parts of the office are intensively disinfected, and ionizers purify and ionize the air.

The investment managers of “Compass Invest” JSC continue the work process responsibly and calmly in order to preserve all operations and investments of our clients and in strict compliance with anti-pandemic regulations.


The “Compass Invest” team.